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ASIMI Jewellery

Product Copywriting  |  Email Marketing  |  Tone of Voice Development  |  Brand Development  |  Social Media Content  |  E-Commerce Web Design

In this exciting and immersive project, I married together my marketing, user experience design and practical psychology experience to build an e-commerce store from scratch. I leveraged my copywriting skills to employ impactful marketing and SEO strategies, and establish brand loyalty, reputability and community. 


I attentively crafted product copy using powerful and emotive language to exude minimalist luxury, aiming to elicit an impactful and compelling response from potential customers. I spearheaded email marketing campaigns, delivering captivating messages that resonated with our audience, resulting in impressive conversions. Alongside this, I developed a comprehensive social media content strategy, implementing a consistent brand tone of voice and engaging content that fostered meaningful connections with our followers.


Through my copy and content designs, I not only built a visually appealing, user-centric online store, but also established a compelling narrative that captivates not only customers, but large brands interested in long-term collaborations. This sense of community was achieved through my relatable, yet enchanting copy to aid the ever-growing success of a humble small business. 

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