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Harley Street Gender Clinic

Medical Copywriting  |  Technical Writing  |  Brand Development  |  Social Media Content  |  Web Redesign 

I have had the absolute pleasure of working as the Web & Digital Design Manager at the Harley Street Gender Clinic over the last 2 years. From creating a full-scale website and copy redesign to new brand guidelines, professional letters, clinical documents, email templates, SEO strategy, social media campaigns and formal healthcare professional networking event invites, I can confidently say there was nothing that I haven't turned my hand to at Harley Street.

I joined at a pivotal point of the clinic's journey after the height of the pandemic, playing a critical role in revitalising the clinic's branding and online presence. From the ground up, I designed new brand guidelines followed by a complete website overhaul for a more refreshed look, feel and experience. 

Through a comprehensive redesign process, I meticulously crafted a visually compelling, user-friendly website that truly showcased the clinic's highly specialised expertise. I wrote and managed the all-important copy, taking care to decipher the rather complex medical and legal jargon and processes involved with transgender healthcare. I aimed to foster a sense of calm and comfort in patients who would be reading the content during an emotionally challenging period in their lives. Through my writing, I successfully championed and developed brand identity, tone of voice, and further ideated copy strategy to cater to both the clinic's and patients' needs.

As part of our rebranding efforts, we decided to leverage the clinic's website as an informational resource. This allowed us to signpost patients toward other private and NHS services that complemented our own. This was such a brilliant opportunity for me to liaise with stakeholders and other healthcare professionals to craft captivating copy using external resources in a way that was clear and concise, maintaining my commitment to providing informative and effective content.

To further enhance the clinic's online presence, I successfully launched and managed a new social media campaign. By aligning our content with our rejuvenated brand identity, we were able to connect with patients and healthcare professionals, fostering increased patient trust and expanding our reach and acquisition within the transgender healthcare and wider medical community.
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