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During my 5 years of service at Harrods, I endeavoured to establish a comprehensive internal resource for the homewares sales associates, where I undertook the exciting task of creating a refined Meissen porcelain collection guide. This guide was intended for colleagues to refer to when pitching the historically rich porcelain artworks to clients. Being the first porcelain manufactory in Europe, there was a lot of important ground to cover about production, craftsmanship and origins.

During this project, I carried out meticulous research and collated various resources which I seamlessly integrated to curate a compelling printed guide. Staying true to Harrods' distinct tone of voice, I ensured the guide exuded the brand's essence and established a consistent feel throughout.

Harnessing the power of compelling copywriting strategies and techniques, I crafted captivating collection descriptions, engaging narratives, and immersive storytelling. These were all aimed at showcasing the beauty and artistry of Meissen's breathtaking collections, embodying the brand's heritage whilst embracing its contemporary aspirations. 

With the aid of beautiful imagery, I was able to carefully unveil knowledge through engaging visuals to complement my writing, enticing readers to explore further into the world of Meissen's craftsmanship, and invite Harrods' staff to foster a personal connection with the brand to share its legacy.
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